EFT and challenging emotional states


EFT can help a wide range of emotionally challenging situations including working with overwhelming emotions arising from life events and situations. 

EFT & Depression
Help for Depression

Depression can become part of your emotional make-up for many reasons, and can sometimes become chronic and debilitating. Often there is an event, or events in your past that have triggered the depression.Issues stored deep within the subconscious mind, not available to the conscious mind for talk therapy, and sometimes pre-verbal, are uncovered while using EFT. 


The energy trapped in your cells is responsible for the previously unexplainable depression. These issues may be related to pregnancy or birth trauma, early abandonment by one or both parents, childhood neglect or abuse, family violence, or death of a sibling at an early age (including a twin at birth). 

Help for Grief
EFT & Grief

Some bereavement counsellors use EFT to help clients through grief at the loss of a loved one. Whilst grieving is a natural process, it's important to recognise that moving through it can be made easier with EFT techniques.


If somebody uses EFT to prepare for an impending death of a loved one, or for grieving after that person has died, its use can often transform the personal pain - and any resentment at the loss - into a new feeling about the person who has gone. EFT helps the bereaved to remember the good times and wonderful things about the person who has passed away. 

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