EFT and phobias


EFT can help a wide range of emotionally challenging situations including working with overwhelming emotions arising from phobic responses to a wide range of triggers arising in life events and situations. 

Therapy for Phobias
EFT & Phobias

Phobias can vary in intensity and type. They can vary from one individual to another and are often triggered by an experience which has been buried for a long time. The initial fear from the original experience is then triggered later and can generalise to a variety of similar and diverse situations that remind us of the original experience. We then feel irrational fear.

EFT can help you to address these issues on a psychological, emotional and energetic level to shift negative states of mind and make room for positive feelings and choices.

Help with fear of flying
EFT & Fear of flying

Do you have friends or relatives abroad that you would love to visit, or a far off place you wish to explore, but can't get past your fear of flying? This can include fear of air travel, anxiety when travelling, panic attacks on board the flight and airplane phobia. 


These issues can be resolved with EFT, helping you to travel comfortably and fearlessly.

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