EFT and Trauma


EFT can help a wide range of emotionally challenging situations including working with overwhelming emotions arising from life events and situations. Trauma can affect us all at different times of our life due to the inevitability of changes occuring that can produce challenges we did not expect.

Trauma can happen at any time and affect young to old. We often feel completely overwhelmed emotionally during and after traumatic events and this can sometimes adversely affect sleep patterns, bring up fears and doubts and have many knock on effects to our life generally.

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EFT & Physical Trauma

You have probably heard the phrase 'emotional baggage' used in conversation, so it's no surprise to learn that recent neuroscience research has revealed that stress and trauma can be cumulative—getting locked in the human nervous system and actually piling up over time.


Even years after a stressful or traumatic event has passed, our body can remain in a state of chronic tension leading to difficulty concentrating, irritability, insomnia, and a number of other symptoms. The overall effect of carrying around accumulated stress or trauma is a decreased ability to deal with current life events and difficulty experiencing ease, satisfaction and joy in the world or through relationships. EFT can help to dismantle past hurts liberating you from these emotional scars.

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EFT & Relationship Trauma

Relationships can be challenging at the best of times and sometimes they can be abusive on an emotional, pyschological, financial or physical level. Abusive relationships can start with our family, classroom bullies, bosses, partners and friends ~ we can even find ourselves trapped in a vicious cycle of abusive relationships in more than one area of our lives.


EFT can help with addressing abusive relationships, and more importantly, can address the underlying core problems that allowed the abuse to take place in the first place. Emotional Freedom Technique also helps us to regain our feeling of self worth and boost our confidence, so we can change our lives for the better.

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