EFT for Adictions and Cravings


EFT can be incredibly effective in reducing eating disorders, as the benefits can produce both temporary and long-term successes. The calming process of tapping can curb the immediate desire to follow through with the disordered behavior, which is helpful but temporary.

The long-term successes come with repeated and directed sessions of EFT, peeling away at and removing the underlying anger, fear, guilt, trauma, or anxiety that may cause the disorder. EFT is effective in reducing and collapsing these underlying issues, and when applied correctly, can curb the desire to enact the disorder.

Help with Addictions
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Addctions and compulsive behaviours of many types, including, smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, gambling and tranquillizers, can be addressed through EFT.

Once the emotional triggers keeping you stuck in the addiction are shifted and neutralised you are freed of the strong desire to feed the habit. This releases energy, and I can then help you to reframe and refocus this on more positive goals, putting you back in control.

Help with Cravings
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Cravings for chocolate and carbohydrate fixes are common to many of us, but sometimes this can get obsessive and become a hindrance. The endorphins created from eating these foods, especially sugar and refined carbs, give a temporary energy boost, but then we experience the opposite - an energy slump.

If you recognise this cycle and it's feeling out of control, try EFT to neutralise the underlying emotions that are keeping you in this cycle. This opens up choices to reframe your relationship with food so you can eat for health, rather than to satisfy an emotional hunger.

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