EFT & Performance Anxiety


Performance anxiety is surprisingly common, even amongst professional and accomplished performers, musicians, actors and public speakers. Sometimes your nerves can get the better of you, or past events can re-trigger anxieties about being 'on the line'.

It can be hard to talk about these issues, especially if you are a professional, as there is an expectation that you will be at ease with performing.

Help for Performance Anxiety
EFT & Performance Anxiety

The first step to beating performance anxiety is to accept you have this issue and then to use the EFT tool kit to begin to work towards liberating yourself from it. Even professionals suffer with performance anxiety and are often unable to express their fears as they are expected to be at ease with performing. Is this you, perhaps?

With EFT it is possible to move past these uncomfortable and sometimes diasbling felings and to put the joy back into your artistry.

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